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How it works

Find Out How It Works LibreTraffic

  • Download

    Download the software from your member area

  • Install

    Click the file (Setup_LibreTraffic.exe) and install the software

  • Run

    Click in the desktop icon or the menu icon LibreTraffic


Check our Features

This are the main features of the software


You can use HTTP, SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5 proxies

User Agents

Set your own custom user agent and spoof any device, OS or platform


Set your referrers, can be from any website including facebook or instagram


Set your keywords, and it will show in analytics that traffic comes from those keywords searches


It runs scripts, comes with several scripts and any user can edit or create new scripts

Bounce Rate

Set the minimum and maximum time that the visits will stay in your website

Multi Threads

Run the software with several threads in simultaneus and get more visits faster


You can set the browser to visit websites in Incognito mode

Browser Switches

Many browser switches that can be set as enabled, disabled or random


Schedule any number of project to run, one time or repeat it


You can set the location of your devices, with any latitude and longitude

Window size

Set the size of the devices, you can emulate any size of any device


Choose what language your browsers will accept by default

Chrome Extensions

Chrome browser extension, it come will useful extesions like fingerprint spoof and you can add any


View and export all the results of the running projects in CSV

Irma Brown


Is this for real! I use it everyday to increase the views of my stories

Deborah D.


Use it all the time to increase the analytics stats of all my sites and my client sites, just perfect

Wilson M. Johnson


These software is just much better than most of the paid traffic softwares that I have tried

Troy I.


Testing all the sites I create with this software 24/7 with all kind of configurations, and we can have unlimited configurations with LibreTraffic



No Cost, No payments, No monthly fees, Cashing in is easy with this power tool


Frequently Asked Questions

  • LibreTraffic needs Windows 7 or higher, 64bit version, 2GB RAM

  • Yes, is safe to visit any website. It simulates real users

  • Depend of the computer power, you can use 32 or 16 easily with good computer specs